SPICE 2019國際夏令營
日期: 2019-07-20 (星期六)
地點: 伊利沙伯中學舊生會小學
負責人: 洪盛琴主任、吳芷欣老師 活動內容:
活動類別: 2018-2019
SPICE Camp 2019 (Summer Programme for Immersion in Communicative English) is a seven-day summer English programme. The goal of the teaching programme is to stimulate students' interest in learning English, boost their self-confidence and enhance their willingness to speak and communicate in English. Immersing in an English-speaking environment, students got ample opportunities to learn, interact and have fun with interns and volunteers from the U.K. and Hong Kong universities. Students enjoyed the music and craft, science, sports, generic skills lessons, as well as the outings to Hong Kong Country Club and EpicLand.
地址:新界天水圍102區天富苑第四期第二號校舍訪客人次:6611627© 2019 版權所有
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